I Wish We’re Working On Things We Are Truly Passionate About

It has been YEARS since the last time I had an entry for my blog. Got lazy and got busy with other things in life but anyway here I am.. BACK on blogging!

I truly missed the feeling of pressing my fingertips on the keyboard as I put  my thoughts together and type them down. If I could remember correctly, it was three years ago since the last time I posted something here.

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Just Sharing What A Year Has Done To Me

I am sitting on a five-year old couch with my back relaxed on a soft throw pillow while I reminisce things happened in my life a year ago as my sister plays a mellow song on her guitar. It’s not yet a new year (though I can’t wait for what 2018 would bring) to write post like this but I can’t help but to think the changes and events happened within just a year.

In a span of a year, let us say 18 months.

I had fallen in love with what I think I can say my first love.

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Sunday Currently vol. 2

YES! I’M BACK! Finally got my hands again on my blog after being stagnant for a while as I’ve been quite busy doing stuff for my future career-to-be. I’ve been prepping things like government ID’s and permits. Well it’s just good to be blogging again!



Last July I am reading Connor Franta’s first book “A Memoir” where I sort of coined the name for my blog. Aaaaand right now, I’m on his second book, “Note to Self”. I recommend reading his books! Good read I must say especially if you’re onto knowing how other people perceive things in life. Connor shares his POV about life which I really find interesting and worth knowing.Read More »

For Those Sad & Hopeless

There are those days that you just don’t feel really okay— those days  that you just don’t feel waking up then sipping your favorite coffee like you used to. Or those days you don’t feel like talking  to people even your closest ones. And there are those days too that even doing the things you’re supposed to be doing everyday feels just so heavy to execute.

It’s frustrating. It’s eating you up. You try to grasp what’s with you or what’s causing you all the drama but you can’t find any reason. But you know and you’re sure of one thing: you just feel a deep sadness within you.

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Sunday Currently vol. 1

It’s the first Sunday of July and comes with that is my first blog entry for the Sunday Currently. So far, I could say that I am motivated to continue catching up with all my blogging duties. I promised myself to keep this a habit (from now on) to keep this going.



Connor Franta’s, A Work In Progress. I am just so in love with his book (and to him). He’s really a deep person and I find it real sexy.


some pieces of my life in the past hoping I could transform it into a good book someday. All of what I had wrote so far is kept on my notebook and from time to time, I get back on it to write.

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What Should I Write In My First Blog Post?

Today I decided to create a blog. And I did!

Anyway, after a year of shutting down my previous blog for some reason I am finally coming back. At some point I have to start on something and to try again.

To introduce myself, I am not a pro blogger as everyone else is. I am just the kind of someone who likes and has passion in sharing stuff by words through blogging. There’s that joyous feeling whenever I type the ideas coming in from my mind through a blog post.

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