Life as a Cup of Afternoon Coffee

It’s mid-July. A light rain shower drizzled over the afternoon as I sip on a cup of a Malaysian produced coffee. The front door is slightly open that I can feel the chilling breeze brought by the light rain as the aroma of the coffee traverse unto my nose. It was a pleasant smell. The coffee is not too sweet, not too bitter. Just the way I like it. It makes me relaxed. ☕

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Trust the Process

Hello, it’s year 2021.

A Tuesday, the 12th of a brand new year today. The light, chilly air of January is soothing. This kind of weather is giving me the vibe of wanting to make a cup of hot cocoa or maybe just snuggle up in bed and feel cozy for the rest of the afternoon.

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A Postponed Goal Is Not A Failure

As usual, it is an afternoon as I write this with a cup of decaf coffee. Looking outside is clear skies. I like how the sun is shining brightly yet the wind feels cool. It reminds me of autumnal vibes in books I read. Silly to say as here in Manila, it is either just dry or wet season and today is at 31 degree Celsius, but it doesn’t feel like 31 at all.

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I Wish We’re Working On Things We Are Truly Passionate About

It has been YEARS since the last time I had an entry for my blog. Got lazy and got busy with other things in life but anyway here I am.. BACK on blogging!

I truly missed the feeling of pressing my fingertips on the keyboard as I put  my thoughts together and type them down. If I could remember correctly, it was three years ago since the last time I posted something here.

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Just Sharing What A Year Has Done To Me

I am sitting on a five-year old couch with my back relaxed on a soft throw pillow while I reminisce things happened in my life a year ago as my sister plays a mellow song on her guitar. It’s not yet a new year (though I can’t wait for what 2018 would bring) to write post like this but I can’t help but to think the changes and events happened within just a year.

In a span of a year, let us say 18 months.

I had fallen in love with what I think I can say my first love.

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Sunday Currently vol. 2

YES! I’M BACK! Finally got my hands again on my blog after being stagnant for a while as I’ve been quite busy doing stuff for my future career-to-be. I’ve been prepping things like government ID’s and permits. Well it’s just good to be blogging again!



Last July I am reading Connor Franta’s first book “A Memoir” where I sort of coined the name for my blog. Aaaaand right now, I’m on his second book, “Note to Self”. I recommend reading his books! Good read I must say especially if you’re onto knowing how other people perceive things in life. Connor shares his POV about life which I really find interesting and worth knowing.Read More »